Top 10 Walking Tours Tip in Ireland

1. Best sights and Experiences
World-famous Irish attractions such as the Cliffs of Moher and Giants’ Causeway are ideally located directly on long-distance hiking trails. So if you’ve always dreamed of watching the sun sink behind gigantic cliffs, then a multi-day hike is the ideal way to really immerse yourself in the nature around you.

The Cliffs of Moher can be found on the magnificent Burren Way in Co. Clare while the Giants’ Causeway is one of the many attractions on a walking tour along the beautiful Antrim Coastline.

2. What to bring – pack the essentials
The weather in Ireland can be humid, but it is not extremely cold or hot due to the Gulf Stream. That means for your packing list that rainwear and waterproof footwear should be at the top. Wind protection is also important because many hiking trails are close to the coast.

Sunscreen, sunglasses and gloves are a must in a hiking backpack at any time of the year. Polar equipment and shorts, on the other hand, can normally be left at home.

3. Right timing
Forecasting the Irish weather and making recommendations for a specific travel time is a risky business. However, the following trend has emerged in recent years. The period with the most pleasant temperatures and little rainfall is from May to August.

In June, you can also enjoy the longest days in Ireland. Due to its northern location, sunrise is 5am and sunset is 10pm.

4. Weather forecast
The Irish weather service Met Eireann provides reliable forecasts every day. These are subject to frequent changes, but are often accurate in the morning of each day.  We advice to download the app on android or IOS.

Of course you can ask the locals along the trail they're often give the best weather forecasters knowing how the clouds will pass over the mountains from years of experience.  Low cloud on mountains can be hazardous, so please make sure you let cloud cover clear before commencing on your way!

5. Spoiled for choice
If you are looking for an outstanding hiking trail, you are truly spoiled for choice in Ireland. The 43 waymarked hiking trails in Ireland led you into the heart of the Irish countryside and sometimes far from civilization. Whether you explore the filming locations of Game of Thrones (Antrim and Coastline), marvel at monastery ruins from the sixth century (Wicklow Way), discover the “most beautiful place in the world” (Dingle Way) or get to know a unique limestone landscape (Burren Way) entirely up to you.

6. Muesli bars and other hiking provisions
Trekking routes often take you away from people, cities, and shopping. In order not to carry too much weight, high-energy snacks are recommended as hiking provisions.

There is usually a small supermarket in villages, such as Centra or Spar and some which will have a deli  they can make you up a healthy sandwich or wrap, they offer an amazingly good selection of delicious energy bars, muesli bars and bananas for energy. 

7. High-altitude hiking: only for advanced hikers
A big difference to it’s European counterparts is that hiking does not have a long tradition in Ireland and many hiking trails were only established towards the end of the 20th century. With a few exceptions, peaks are almost never accessible via a marked hiking trail.

In addition, the subsoil in mountain ranges is often boggy and impassable. Also, don’t be fooled by the seemingly harmless altitude. Although all mountains in Ireland, apart from the highest one Carrauntoohil, are less than a thousand meters, most of the time they start from sea level. So the climbs are still considerable.

A good knowledge of the mountains, such as using GPS or excellent map reading skills, and sturdy shoes are necessary if you want to climb the Irish mountain peaks. At you can find tested GPS routes and recommendations from other hiking friends for free download.

8. Blogs as a important resource
Apart from our own Walking Hiking Blog, if you are looking for further inspiration for a hike in Ireland, Ellie Berry and Carl Lange’s blog is highly recommended. The young couple set out to walk all 43 trails in Ireland in one go in 2017. They completed this project in 2019 and continue to now walk shorter routes around Ireland.
9. Get your booking in early
There are only limited sleeping places in rural areas of Ireland. On long weekends, so-called bank holiday weekends, demand also rises from Irish weekend vacationers. So if you don’t want to stand in front of closed doors after a long day of hiking, it is definitely worth booking early. You can then relax and look forward to the time ahead in nature.

10. Experience culture
There is at least one pub in Ireland even in the smallest of towns. And there you can often enjoy fantastic live music. It is not for good reason that the Irish are considered the most musical nation in Europe. Especially in remote regions like Connemara or Kerry, traditional Irish culture and the Gaelic language are still well preserved and alive.

Walking and hiking in Ireland is an extremely unique experience, with beautiful scenery, very difference walking and hiking terrain within the small island, and after your walk or hike, you have the fantastic local pubs and restaurants to retire to. 

Don’t forgetting the Irish sense of humour and friendly outgoing nature!

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